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Think handpicked products, mood boards and themes – all shoppable. Think eBay Collections – the inspiring new way to discover and shop on eBay. 

In other words, bring your passions to life – inspired by travel, fashion trends, home décor, tech products, a pop icon or a favorite color? Create your own eBay Collections, or simply follow your favorite eBay sellers, style influencers and the eBay curation team.

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Need a clearer vision? Head to the eBay homepage and check out the Featured Collections tab, which includes only the very best Collections created by the eBay curation team, bloggers, buyers and sellers. You can even get paid to build Collections – sign up here.

In essence, my eBay Collections focus on wardrobe essentials and products I’ve incorporated into my personal style. Blush tones, rouge hues, noir black, neutral shades – they’re all such versatile color palettes that I keep returning to.

Style isn’t the only thing I’m passionate about. I’ve curated my eBay Collections to include interior pieces, chic on-the-go accessories, film cameras, beauty musings and moleskin books. I hope you enjoy them.

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