seeing double

Photography and Location: Jeremy Choh
Hair, Makeup and Creative Direction: Janelle Han

Wearing: Leopard faux fur coat - similar here and here / Maroon longline coat - similar here and here / Crisp button white shirt with collar - similar here and here / Tailored white blazer - similar here and here / Plaid trouser pants - similar here and here / Shag fuzzy fur cardigan - similar here and here / Lace rabbit ears headband / Polkadot knit sweater - similar here and here

For those of you who’ve been asking how I stay motivated amidst all the tasks on hand, this is it.

Mind over matter.

Somebody once told me that upon graduation, I should hit the ground running. And I will in roughly two months' time. They say time is money and truly, it's difficult to disagree. I have always believed in 'more is more', and on countless occasions I have prioritized work over university — I regret nothing. Speaking of which, how can you survive the full course of a three-year degree without a single textbook or reader? Actually, how can you not? Look to your many resources: the World Wide Web, the library, the lecture notes, your tutors, and friends even. In freshman year, it was speculated that I wouldn’t make it through without the compulsory book list — but I did anyway. And I've been powering on since, sans course books.

My point so far is that the mind is a powerful tool. It can take you through walls. For one thing, the book of Proverbs says of a man: As he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Stay organized with a schedule, set reminders and alarms, and lay down priorities. Above all, know when to stop, take a break and come back with fresh ideas.

At the end of the day, you’re getting what you want, and the incredible amount of work you have to knock out suddenly won’t seem so monstrous. See?

I do all this because I love it, and I feel extremely blessed to have a part in such an exciting line of work. On another note, I hope you enjoy the photos from this particular editorial with the superhuman team of two, Jeremy and Janelle — and how big of a babe is my co-star Mason? He perfected G-Dragon and T.O.P vibes on set. Huge high five to you, team.

And now, back to updating my life in squares and contemplating another bowl of instant noodles. Thoughts?


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